Tips for DJing on Windows 8

Windows 8 logoHere are are some important tips that could affect your DJing on Windows 8…

  • Windows 8 will shutoff any audio playing in one account if you sign in to another account while staying signed in to the first account. In some cases, opening a Metro app that uses audio will cut off desktop apps that are playing audio. This includes web browsers! Using two desktop audio apps at the same time is not a problem, so monitoring in a separate program still works fine.  Just remember, don’t sign into other accounts, and don’t use Metro apps.
  • Get a touch screen. Windows 8 is horrible without one. Even using utilities like ClassicShell to try to make it operate more like Windows 7 is no help when you have to deal with the new “Metro” interface.
  • That said, once you are set up and ready to start DJing, a touch screen can be dangerous.  Anyone touching the screen could send your DJ program off to play another song.  Unfortunately there is no easy way to disable the touch screen that is built in to Windows 8. If you are lucky, the company that made your PC will include one. If not, I’ve found that TouchToggle does the job. It works on a per user account basis. So you can set up a DJ account and have the touchscreen automatically disabled when you log in to it, but have all your other accounts set with the touch screen enabled. (Tip: Toggle the touch screen off, sign out and sign back in, and it will stay off until you run the program again. No need to run the program each time.)

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P.S. Because of poor sales and bad customer feedback, Microsoft is getting ready to release Windows 8.1 which will add the Start button back in, but probably won’t make disabling the touch screen any easier, and probably won’t fix the audio issue.