Pre-listen with the Monitor Plugin for MediaMonkey

Looking for a MediaMonkey plugin that makes pre-listening (monitoring) songs easier? The Monitor Plugin for MediaMonkey adds context menus to songs in both the Playlist and Playing Now views that let you send one or more selected songs to an external music program for pre-listening.

Installation and Use

Click this link to download the Monitor Plugin for MediaMonkey. Double click the monitor.mmip file (mmip = MediaMonkey Install Package) to add the plugin to your MediaMonkey installation.

Monitor PluginThe installer will ask you if to locate your external music program. The plugin was originally designed for use with Foobar2000 and it is recommended as a light-weight audio monitor program. You will then be prompted to enter command line parameters for the external music program to both play and queue songs to it. If you are using Foobar2000, you can just accept the defaults.

Restart MediaMonkey and right click on any number of songs in the Playlist or Playing Now view panels. Two new context menu items will appear near the bottom of the menu labeled “Play in Monitor” and “Queue to Monitor.”

Usage Scenario

Monitor Menu

  • Configure your external music program to play music using a different sound card than MediaMonkey. Since most external sound cards are going to offer better sound quality and control than your internal sound card, it is recommended that you configure MediaMonkey to play music through and external sound card, and configure your external music program to play music through your laptop’s internal sounds card. You can then plug a set of earphones into the laptop’s earphone jack to pre-listen to music.
  • Selecting “Play in Monitor” will clear the contents of the current play list in your external music program, then add the selected songs to the current play list and start playing the first song.
  • Selecting “Queue to Monitor” will simply add the selected songs to the end of the current play list in your external music program without clearing the current play list, and without interrupting what the program is doing. You can use this to add more songs for pre-listening while you are already pre-listening to other music.
  • Once you have decided on the songs you want to play and the order to play them in, go back to MediaMonkey add add those songs into your current playlist.

View on GitHub

Found a bug? Want to request a new feature? Click this link to view the Monitor Plugin for MediaMonkey project on GitHub.