No need to muscle your way through tango

musclechartsThis image, adapted from the book “Dance Anatomy and Kinesiology” shows two electromyograms of the musclar effort of a skilled dancer (A) and an unskilled dancer using excessive muscular effort (B). Sensors were placed on the hip (1), front of leg (2), and back of leg (3).

It is a common fallacy that you have to be a highly trained athlete/ballerina/yogi to dance Argentine Tango well. Those things can help some people “get it” sooner than later, but it isn’t a requirement. A look at best of the old milongueros dancing in Buenos Aries would prove it isn’t a requirement. They were mostly out of shape and the only exercise they got was walking around the city and dancing. Letting go of fear and tension, being aware of all the muscles in your body, not just the big ones, and moving efficiently with a minimum of effort is the key to improving your tango.