This web site is for the exchange of tango information, currently focused more on subjects of interest to Argentine Tango DJs.


The tangoexchange.com domain name was purchased in 2007 with a goal of creating an online flea-market for people to sell and trade their Argentine Tango related items (e.g. clothes, shoes, used CDs, instructional videos). But before that could happen tango dancers discovered E-Bay. Later, the term Tango Exchange became a trendy term for a practica in some parts of the US. It seemed the domain name was going to be of little use.

Thankfully for this domain name’s sake trendy sayings usually have a limited lifespan, and now it seems that using Tango Exchange to mean a practica has been forgotten.

Since then the domain name has been re-purposed as a place for exchanging tango information rather than goods and services.